The term "retaining ring" refers to a type of fastener used to secure components on a shaft or in a bore. Retaining rings, also known as circlips or snap rings, are typically circular in shape and are designed to fit into a groove or recess on the shaft or inside a bore. They prevent the axial movement of the components they secure.

There are different types of retaining rings, including internal retaining rings (fitted into a groove on the inside diameter of a bore) and external retaining rings (fitted into a groove on the outside diameter of a shaft).

Unlike a die-stamped circlip/retaining ring, a Spirolox Retaining Ring (a spiral retaining ring) and a Constant Section Retaining Ring (snap ring) are coiled on edge to the exact diameter required. Spirolox Retaining Rings have a uniform cross-section (or to use our terminology, No Ears to Interfere within an assembly) and are free of burrs. Spirolox Retaining Rings meet military and aerospace specifications and are found in thousands of mechanical products around the world. Smalley offers spiral retaining rings and snap rings for both internal and external ring applications.

Self-lock retaining ring
lamillar seal ring
Low profile retaining ring
Wave ring
Snap ring
Spriral retaining ring

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