Disc springs provide high spring forces while requiring only a small installation space. One of their advantages is the increase in spring forces and deflections thanks to the different layering of the individual springs in spring stacks. The fact that the load/deflection curve can be influenced in many areas by continuously adjusting the component geometry is also a big plus.

Disc springs are conical shaped washers designed to be loaded in the axial direction only…
Disc springs according to EN 16983 (DIN2093) are available from stock in sizes from 6 mm to 250 mm outside diameter.
High temperature belleville washers and those disc springs required to function at high temperatures use a variety of precipitation-hardened materials from the nickel-base alloys group.
LÒ XO ĐĨA INOX Lò xo đĩa Inox có thể chịu được ăn mòn hóa chất, được sử dụng nhiều trong môi trường hóa chất, chịu mài mòn cao hay trong các hệ thống cơ khí môi trường lạnh. Mubea sản xuất lò xo Inox bằng vật liệu inox 631 ...
Special disc springs can be used for couplings, gearboxes, transmissions and other purposes which require special fitting requirements.

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