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With a journey of more than 10 years accompanying customers in many important industries of the country such as precision mechanical processing, steel production, wood production and processing, industrial tool manufacturing, pharmaceuticals... Innsotech is proud to be trusted and chosen by customers to become a preferred supplier in the fields of precision grinding, tool sharpening, cleaning through metal processing, polishing and surface finishing. machining details…
Quality bonded abrasives for precision machining, bearing, automotives...
High quality coated abrasives for metal working industries
High quality polishing, lapping and finishing material for high precision industries
premium de-burring brushes for automotives and aerospace..
Full ranges of technical springs for industrial usages
High quality measuring tools from Japan and USA
High innovative rolls for surface treatment and finishing
Specialized machine and equipment for surface treatment and finishing

Grinding wheels are used in a wide variety of industries; such as automotive, steel, and bearing markets. Abrasive products are made from a wide variety of materials; including alumina, silicon carbide, and special ceramics. Innsotech also provides Vitrified (porcelain) and Resinoid (resinous) bonding materials. We can produce ideal abrasives that suit your current production needs, and are specifically designed to meet your special engineering processing requirements.

Innsotech has been providing quality abrasive materials since 2012. We focus on delivering finishing and grinding solutions for all kinds of parts made from all types of materials, offering a diverse range of solutions and a variety of products with different types, shapes, and sizes.

We are a specialized abrasive material supplier with over 10 years of deep expertise, serving a wide range of customers, from small machining shops to large-scale industrial manufacturing plants.

Industrial brushes are increasingly used in a wide range of industries such as machining, steel, oil and gas, shipbuilding, automotive, and more. Various types of brushes, including rust removal brushes, wire brushes, welding treatment brushes, and surface finishing brushes, are becoming more commonly used.

To meet the growing demands of customers, Innsotech has conducted in-depth research into brush solutions for steel products, surface treatment, cleaning, and surface finishing. With a diverse inventory and a team of sales engineers knowledgeable about products and applications, Innsotech is a pioneering provider of products and solutions in the market.

Through collaboration with the world's largest brush manufacturer, Germany's Osborn International GmbH, Innsotech commits to providing excellent quality products and outstanding technical consulting and after-sales service to its customers.

Innsotech provides comprehensive solutions for surface treatment shafts for the wood, paper, and steel industries. Innsotech's shaft products include brush shafts, non-woven shafts, heat-resistant shafts, polishing shafts, and threaded shafts to cater to industries such as steel, wood processing, and printing.

These products are manufactured in Germany and maintained by Innsotech's domestic processing center, delivering perfect solutions for customers

Brands & Partners

Innsotech is an authorized dealer of top brands. 100% of Innsotech of products are genuine imports from reputable manufacturers trusted by customers on a global scale, with full import documents and records...

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