Innsotech with a 10-year journey in providing high quality tools and equipment for steel mills, paper mills, mechanical engineering, precision machining, mold & die and other manufacturing industries.

Innsotech is the market leading solution provider for high precision grinding, metal surface cleaning, de-burring and finishing. Innsotech is one of the few premium spring suppliers that has the full capacity to provide all types of technical springs, the pioneer supplier for high performance and innovative rolls for manufacturing the wide face products.

The technology is quickly changing day by day. This challenge demands our customer to continue updating their tools and equipment, their technical solution. Cooperating with the world leading manufacturers with the huge capacity of R&D, Innsotech is supporting our customer to use the best tools and equipment, approach the up-to-date technical solutions to utilize their production cost and improve their product quality.

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Innsotech trở thành đại lý của Boride Engineering Abrasives

Boride Engineer Abrasives là nhà sản xuất đá đánh bóng khuôn danh tiếng của Mỹ. Đá đánh bóng Boride được biết đến và sử dụng rất rộng rãi trong ngành khuôn mẫu, đặc biệt là khuôn ép nhựa..